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Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 PM

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 PM
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Shop 2, 27 The Strand, Croydon NSW


Vehicle Inspection

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Our Featured Services

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance

If your engine is sick or tired we have the equipment to check, diagnose and efficiently fix any problem you may have.

Our trained technicians understand what makes your vehicle’s engine tick which is why we carefully diagnose and prescribe the right solution for any repairs required

Keeping your vehicle running healthy and smoothly requires the right oils and lubricants which keeps your car running for longer.

Grip and rotation equals safety. Having a safe and reliable wheel set up is important for smooth and reliable driving.

With technology growing, cars are becoming more and more advanced with their transmission, however, sometimes our transmission can take a lot of pressure with Sydney driving.

Without batteries your car cannot turn on which means its important to keep your power in check ensuring you run on time for your day to day appointments.

We Provide Expert Service

Below are some of the many auto repair services we offer:
  • Air-con re-gassing & services
  • Steering auto electrical work
  • Diagnostic inspections (ECU)
  • Battery replacements
  • Battery lifespan inspections
  • Alternators
  • Air bags & ABS
  • Audio systems
  • Auto controls (i.e. Windows)
  • Engine tuning & calibration

About CTA Service Centre

Our workshop is independently owned and operated providing full-service vehicle repairs and maintenance services. We utilise the latest diagnostic technology to ensure your vehicle is repaired and maintained properly in a timely fashion.
  •  24 hour key & park drop-off
  • Warranty servicing
  • Prompt bookings
  • Convenient turn-around time
  • Professional mechanical services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Use of quality products and parts
Receive a quote and book a service online. Our mechanics will be sure to provide you with the best advise.
Our pricing is considered fair and transparent. We provide estimates upfront for hundreds of services on thousands of cars. Book your car with confidence.
Our quality products and parts are specifically made by the manufacturer which therefore provides you with top-quality.
We have trained technicians that provide our customers with the best support backed with knowledge and experience.

How It Works

We offer full service auto repair & maintenance


What Our Customers Say

Richard K 5 Ashfield NSW

“Fantastic service and a great deal with the replacement of new Tyres on my van. These young boys are offering good old service which is hard to find these days. Thanks for taking great care of me

Nick G 5 Strathfield NSW

“Very efficient! These guys know what they are doing and love what they do. I have been going here since they opened and wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Jing M 5 Burwood NSW

“ I have been to 3 mechanics in the area and not once looked back. The gentleman that served me gave me a detailed
overview of my car and was able to address the problem straight away. Highly recommended!”

Auto Maintenance FAQs

A: Whilst every car is different, the typical guide of getting a service on your
car ranges from 6,000 kms to 10,000 kms. Anywhere from 1 to 2 services
per year is an ideal measure for getting your car serviced from a local
A: To put this simply, yes, you sure can. At CTA Service Centre we offer
warranty services on new cars.
A: To avoid unexpected problems such as not having your car turn on, your
vehicle battery should be replaced before its capacity drops to the critical
level. On average a battery lasts between 3-6 years, depending on the
individuals driving frequency.
A: In most cases when your dashboard starts to unexpectedly light up could
mean two things. Firstly, a signal could be telling you that a particular
problem is occurring or secondly, a faulty sensor within the cars registry
A: On most modern vehicles, your flashlight will indicate when your brake
pads need replacing however, on older vehicles the pads will start to make
noises (typically high pitched sounds) indicating worn brakes.
CTA Service Centre
CTA Service Centre

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