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5 Factors on Sourcing a Trustworthy Mechanic

Finding it difficult to get the right help for your vehicle?

One of the biggest setbacks people have when sourcing a mechanic for their vehicle is based around one question, “Who do I trust and why should I trust them?”

Every suburb happen to have a local mechanic or a workshop providing convenience to the local people. But that’s just about it, because the main concern comes down to the basic question. The value addition and the expectations from a professional service provider? People want to know what can they expect from their mechanic, and whether it would save their time/cost or increase it.

This article outlines the 5 main principles to apply before choosing the right mechanic.

1. Do Your Research

Most people make the mistake of owning a vehicle and simply not knowing exactly what they own. Whenever, you buy a vehicle, you should do your research and find out from online reviews and word of mouth about the main functionalities of how the vehicle operates from an internal and mechanical perspective.

Having a basic understanding of what your vehicle’s potential flaws may be (tear & wear) can give you leverage when liaising with a mechanic. Basically, you will understand the ‘mechanical lingo’ and pick up on any nonsense that is being spoken about. Another valuable reason for doing this is to prevent you from wasting time and money getting unnecessary check-ups, quotes and repairs.

2. Get Familiar With What The Going Rates Are

Getting a deeper understanding of the costs of repairs and maintenance on the type of vehicle you own will not only prevent you from getting ripped off by greedy mechanics, but will also give you an idea of the quality work being done.

3. Are They Licensed?

There are a lot of workshops operating without any legislative accreditation, which means you have to be careful with who you select. 

Start by searching your proposed mechanic’s profile and website on google. This will no doubt make you familiar with who you are dealing with and what their profile says.

You will come across their reviews, photos, videos, and references.

So, what exactly should you look for?

  • Registered mechanic license number (displayed on their website or out on the front of their workshop)
  • Evidence of servicing the local community
  • Google registered business
  • ABN registered

4. Ask Genuine Questions

Just reviewing the company’s profile online is no help. It is suggested that you go there and have a chat with the mechanic. This will give you the opportunity to sense the operator’s experience and reliability. It will also give you a scope on how things are taking place in the workshop.

5. Start Small

If you have trust issues with a certain business, you may like to try a step by step approach. So, rather than handing over a big expensive job. You simply ask for a small task which should give you confidence that person or business is versatile for you and your vehicle.

An example of this would be to have them check out your vehicle for defects and small issues that you are aware of. (check out how we check out problems)
In summary of these 5 points, ensure to do your research on both your vehicle and proposed mechanic online and in person.


A significant part of our routine days are spent in our vehicles, and the way we treat our vehicles is the way they treat us in return.

As a part of our daily lives, our cars need regular maintenance as well. From fluids to brake checks, all of the engine parts need regular checkups and fixations, because a tiny fault in one part can ultimately cause a huge disaster if left untreated. And even if we manage to escape the wreckage, it is still going to affect the overall efficiency of our vehicle and cost us a lot in the long run. Thus it is very vital for its every part to be tiptoed in order for it to run smoothly!

But why is car maintenance so important in the first place? Why do we need to spend on our cars?

Well, our vehicles are our assets, and the better condition they are in, the more value it has for us. And nonetheless, as we travel daily, there are a number of factors to keep in mind when taking our car out on the road.

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5 Factors on Sourcing a Trustworthy Mechanic